Hasland Community Girls U13 (6) v Charnock Girls U13 Purple (0) - Under 13 Purple

Sun 11th Oct 2020 @ 12:28:16 (210 Views)

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Hasland Community Girls U13 (6) v Charnock Girls U13 Purple (0)

A positive start to our first game of the season. The girls arrived positive and full of energy. It was an excellent start, the best I've seen the team perform. They matched Hasland well and led an attack, which definitely made Hasland react. It took them 15 minutes until Hasland scored their first goal, after a couple of crosses from a strong Hasland winger, were stopped by Poppy. Hasland had tasted a goal and found the energy to take repeat shots and Poppy continued to make incredible saves, including a high reach save on a hard ball, but managed to divert the ball over the net.

I realised some of girl’s head's went down a little and Hasland took the opportunity to pop 2 more in, catching our defence off guard, realising, after already working hard for 20 minutes, they still needed to stay alert and keep working. Hasland kept them on their toes, although we only had 2 subs and Hasland arrived with a full team. The girls will get used to this, but we can keep addressing this at training and building the girls stamina and fitness.

Half time saw 3-0 and still the girls kept working. Hasland had some strong players who could play the ball well and shoot and remain calm under pressure. A good team talk instructed the girls to make quicker transitions, where the girls lose the ball, think about an easier option to win a tackle and use speed. Mainly quick thinking, quick planning and most of all communicate. The girls had improved on passing, not panicking and pressuring, 3 learning points which had been raised from our last few games. The girls are taking this on board and learning all the time, in this first phase of our season, which I spoke about before.

The second half was slower on reaction time and energy was less, but there were moments of success. Moving Iris out of defence to midfield, Iris took a couple of opportunities to run up and one ocassion, Iris had possession the whole time and positioned the ball well for the net, but didn't quite make a goal, but it was the closest we have been and I know Iris learned a lot from this moment about timing and preparation. It was a brilliant moment for the team. Maddie had the same experience. She worked hard constantly trying to get a break and ran up several times, from some solid ball mastery she is developing and got left goal side and took a shot and was stopped by the goalie. Maddie also learned a lot from this and I could see a surge of adrenaline hit Maddie, and she commented on this. The girls are definitely making moves in the right direction. A couple more goals went in from Hasland again as the girls tired and the whistle blew, resulting in a 6-0 loss, but their strongest game yet, but what could have been a close game, if we maintained stamina and being a little more alert and consistent, but like I said the girls have improved and worked hard to get this result.

Poppy - Player of the Match and 100% confidence. An excellent performance and saves which only a good seasoned goalkeeper could make. I was amazed by your confidence Poppy. Well done.

Maddie - Player of the Match. Maddie is continuing to make visible progress and is listening well to feedback. Maddie has all the potential to be an excellent footballer and today we saw precise kicks, tackles and break always, but with a little more speed and agility, her game will grow into a strong midfielder. Well done Maddie. It’s been a joy seeing you develop and I remember how much effort you put in to every session when you started, verbally self-reflecting after every session. Keep learning!

Milly - Captain and heading up central defence you helped keep the line moving and you were more cautious today, watching players and darting into space pressuring players and making attempts to gain possession. It wasn't an attacking game, and this is where you excel. Well done

Scarlett - An excellent start and with full confidence who saw 0-0 for 15 minutes, Charnock kept more possession than Hasland. You made several beautiful clearance kicks and won tackles moving forward and an amazing run through midfield. You are still the best communicator and even when possession was low and some head heads went down, I heard you talk to the girls, this is so important. Well done!

Diane - a good game from you, you've grown in confidence and you marked well and had repeated tackles with the same Hasland winger, who knew how to tackle well and score well from her side. You won many of those tackles and you remained positive throughout. Well done
Asha - A good performance today and probably the most distance covered. You held a defensive midfield position, supporting both and you had your work cut out. It was a game of first to the ball and after our first 15 minutes, Hasland were the stronger team, having more stamina, and experience. Well done.

Leela - Confidence built during the match and then we saw excellent tackling and you worked hard to throw off Hasland's forward pressuring and tapping the ball out of danger. A thoroughly positive player who is determined every game. Well done

Iris - You arrive very confident and prepared and were happy to lead central defence. You made some excellent clearances and assisted in keeping an 0-0. In the second half, I moved you forward and within minutes, you won your tackle and ran the ball up, and took a shot on goal, just slightly late in execution and spoke to me after knowing exactly how you could have made your chances better. Excellent football Iris and showing your experience can adapt and there is plenty to come from you. Well done.

Chloe- A sound performance from you today saw you make some stunning defensive attacks at Hasland forward players, moving the ball out of their goal area. Your confidence is building and you listened to instructions today and worked hard. We are keeping a close eye on your foot and you speak to me if you need to rest it! You make the team feel at ease and did exactly what you should have done. We spoke about faster movement and you are working on agility and ball movement. Well done.

Ruby- A quieter game for you, with most of the work being in the first 2 halves. You made some good attempts to retrieve the ball and assist midfield, keep working on communicating, and you worked well on marking your player. Well done.

Lizzie - A good performance from you. Staring in midfield you held your position well and were the most proactive and at tackles, attacking between players when some of your teammates felt they didn’t want to fully engage, you threw yourself into it, winning several. You let me know that some of the Hasland girls were patting backs and lots of physical contact will be part of your game and we will need to get used to this. Lizzie, you have a great attitude and are very aware of your surroundings, all the attributes of a future Captain. Well done.

All in all, I think the girls thought it was going to be another 10-0 loss, after what they've conceded in pre-season games...and the difference was that, they've improved and the game should have been more of a 2-0 game and their slight lack of confidence in the second half, they lost sight of how well they are shaping up for a moment. They are improving as a team and we look forward to training on Tuesday.
Claire ️

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