Charnock Girls U12 White V Harworth Colliery FC U12 Girls - Under 12 (White)

Sun 26th Jan 2020 @ 11:45:13 (230 Views)

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Charnock Girls U12 White (0) V Harworth Colliery FC U12 Girls (2)

What a match!
Congratulations girls for such an amazing here it is.

The last time we played, 5th in the league Harworth, we lost 10-0 on the 28th September. That was their biggest win. Today we lost 2-0 and were strong, calmer and much more confident.

Like last week, a strong start. Good, solid passes, although it was clear early on, Harworth were a good, experienced team. With a very tall player advantage and kicking the ball 3/4 of the pitch, marking players became a necessity. A better understanding of working the pitch, supporting your surrounding players, giving as much as you could to give your best performance.

Defence - Iris, Asha, Madison and Poppy/Shola - an excellent, more equally shared workload and driving that wall into midfield. You all put in the effort and did some excellent tackles. Iris, to note some good tackles, ball returns, good sprints and marking. Asha, first class marking, great interception and excellent passing balls through to midfield. Madison, you too played good solid passes through, kept up with the player and defended well. Shola, you swapped from Mid to Defence on your request, but from experience you are adaptable and certainly a fantastic defender. Today, you gave that bit more to achieve Player of the Match. You took 4 or 5 dives at the ball, which slammed into you and you continued to produce high paced play. This continued for over half the match. You are much more composed and an excellent role model on the pitch. Poppy, when asked to step into defence, you stepped up and got stuck in. You are developing further in pressuring players, and intercepting the ball. Some great kicks and through balls too! Well done all!

Midfield - Shola, Chloe, Tiah, Layla, Poppy.
There is no doubt you are a much-improved team and like defence, you work tirelessly to be more creative, keep possession and collectively playing the ball up. Shola, working hard today, which paid off. You were always in the right place while you played midfield. Fantastic pressure and tackles which almost all were won or ball diverted. It's great to see you making this progress. Tiah, like Shola, you worked hard and took the opportunity when it arose. Tremendous run, half of the pitch and several shots on goal, just sailing passed the left post. Well done for today's Captaincy! Layla, a brilliant game for you. The best player to keep her position today and marked your player well. You showed your quick thinking by also being in the right position and matching your more experienced and possibly older player well. You took a hard ball to your face and needed to leave the pitch to recover. Within 10 minutes you asked to go back on. Amazing team support and technical play! Chloe you too performed to a good standard. Clearly feeling a little under the weather, you took to the pitch and kept up your usual pace and tried to break through the wing several times, resulting in a couple of successful run ups into the box, tackles and several corners. Changing to midfield, without hesitation, Poppy you adapted, responded to the difference in pace and you did some great challenges, getting right on top of the player and pressuring them. Nice through passes!

Forward - Great ball handling Ruby - a good performance and excellent positioning. You got stuck in and produced some excellent tackles, working well with midfield. Good all round performance.

Ella! Our great goalkeeper. You grow each week and improve your technique, enabling great saves like the one we saw today, and your ability to move quickly. Excellent goal kicks! It doesn't go unnoticed that you are a great team member, supportive and are always smiling and friendly. Keep it up!

The referee commented he knew the ability and performance Harworth has achieved and that he thought we played amazingly. He was very impressed by our speed on such soft ground. I completely agreed. 1-0 at half time and 2-0 full time.

A break through today in strategy and confidence.

I must note as well in training before the match each girl took 3 or 4 shots at the goal and about 95% went in and many with power.

See you Tuesday️! ️

Claire and Kerry

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