End of season report 18/19 - Under 14

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Charnock Ridgeway Girls U12 2017-18 

Manager report:

U12  Girls Managers Report:

This is Charnock Ridgeway Girls 2nd season competing in the SHGCFL, and they are improving every week.

The girls have developed well in the past 18 months, particularly to say this is either their first or second competitive season! The team has shown great commitment in and out of the club setting; this includes improving their fitness, knowledge of the game, working on skills and bringing the game of football into their lives fully.

A few key moments I am now going to write about rather than re cap every match.

After a difficult pre season and some changes happening, the girls got off to a flying start against Hallam with a great win and 4 different players on the score sheet (as many different scorers as last season!). The football the girls played was excellent and it was great for Ellie and her defenders to get the first clean sheet of the season – again we had already matched last season for clean sheets! It was safe to say the girls was buzzzzzzing.

The next game came against Crosspool, it was very frustrating I believe the girls went into it to complacent and took a defeat. Although we had a more positive second half, we couldn’t pull anything back. 

After Crosspool we had Sheffield United away this was at Westfield SGP which the facilities are amazing. What a brilliant game it was, Charnock did me proud and played their hearts out did everything they could do get a result and came away with a draw.

We then went on a little bit of a run with a win against Stavley Miners Welfare, Hallam Rangers, Crosspool….

Another match I just need to share with you; 4th December against Stavely Miners Welfare a 6-2 win and the best team effort goal of the season! Ellie rolling the ball out to Harley, Harley passing to Jess, Jess with a 1-2 to Morgan, Jess onto Lilly and GOOAALLLLL! Along with a Megan hattrick in this game too!!

First match back after the Christmas Break and this is our second league loss of the season, this was against Sheffield United (so it was a top of the table clash)! And the first of 3 games we had against united in 3 weeks! We was missing 2 players, and got caught out with United scoring some quick first half goals.

Then next game Sheffield United (again!) away, this game was Simply Lovleh! A good 4-3 win, after taking the lead with Megan goal, united got an equaliser, then Rehanna scored for Charnock then it was half time. The second half brought some beautiful football, Megan got her second, and Morgan scored a cracker from a corner (first defender to score). The final 10 minutes was a tough one with Charnock conceding 2 more goals meaning the result was 4-3 to Charnock, safe to say we had a few heart attack moments. But the defenders and Ellie did some great tackles and saves to prevent any further goals. Parents, coach and players all beaming with pride for the girls for a well deserved win. Every game the girls play their attitude and approach is spot on which makes my life so much easier as I don’t have to pull them up for this.

The final 2 league games approached Hallam and Crosspool, the girls did what they needed to get the result and did some good football between both games.  

Overall this season we have played 12, Won 9, Drew 1, Lost 2

43 goals scored, 7 different goal scorers,  3 clean sheets this season well done girls!

Goal scorers:







We have already started preparations for next season and are looking forward to seeing the improvements on the field. With the commitment every player shows we have no doubt that we are in for some good friendlies and tournaments in the pre-season window.

The girls have been a credit to the club. They have been a pleasure to coach and between them have not only become team mates but also friends.

We would like to thank all the mums, dads, siblings, grandparents and other relatives for your support and help this season. The season wouldn’t have been possible without you and your assistance setting up and down the home pitch (as well as being a Taxi!). A big thank you to Natalie who has had the job of running the tuck shop. All this has been a great help, which we are very grateful for. Also thank you to all the other parents who have helped.

Thank you,




Position - Goalkeeper

Ellie always has a smile! Even when she plays feeling under the weather, which I know she has done this season, as she wanted to come to football as she enjoyed it so much and didn’t want to miss it! What brilliant commitment. Ellie has pulled out some cracking saves this season, and really worked hard to improve her goal kicks.

Oh what a morning
Start of February on a rainy cold morning
Elliesaved and helped secure second place
What a feeling what a morning!


Position - Centre Defence

Miss reliable, Harley is the solid defender at the back and rarely lets anyone get past her. She never complains about anything and will always get on with what you ask her.

She’s magic, you know

Your’ll never get passed Rodgerso

She’s magic, you know

Your’ll never get passed Rodgerso


Position - Defence

Corah has had an excellent season and has been this season match captain. Corah’s direction to her team mates has been excellent, her confidence has grown on the ball. Pulling out some fantastic passes and going on some good runs with the ball even assisting a goal!

We’ve got Hylands

Corah Hylands

Just don’t think you would understand

A wee Irish women, is better than Lucy Bronze  

We’ve got Corah Hylands


Position – Defence

AKA trouble one. Katie moved into defence this season, she has come on really well. Katie will always battle for the ball and doesn’t give up. Well done Katie!

Ohh Katie Dunhill,

Katie Katie Katie Katie Dunhill

Ohh Katie Dunhill,

Katie Katie Katie Katie Dunhill


Position – Defence

Morgan has had a great season and improved so much, from the first game we played to now been a key player in defence. Morgan’s awareness of the game is excellent, her technical ability has come on leap and bounds and you can see this on a game to game basis. Morgan is our first defender to score, and what a goal it was.

Morgan Price is magic

She wears a magic boot

If you chuck a brick at her

She’ll boot the brick right back…


Position – Centre Midfield/ Left Midfield

This is Hollie’s second season at Charnock and she has had an outstanding season, she has come so far and again another player who now has a great technical understanding. With the confidence and ability to run with the ball and not scared to have a shot!  A little Miss Brooks as Jess refers to you as!

She’s left

She’s Right

She’s like Dynamite

Hollie Mealing

Hollie Mealing


Position - Midfield

Jess! Where do I start! Jess has superb understanding of the game, her ability to pick out a good pass is next to non. Her one touch passing is brilliant, Sheffield Wednesday could learn something (Sorry for referring to them Jess!). Although Jess had struggled with an injury after Christmas, she came back even more determined. I was dead chuffed she bagged a couple of goals this season, as it just proves that extra training week in week out has paid off.

Na Na Na Na Na Na.
We Got Jess Anderson
Jess Anderson

We got Jess Anderson,


Position – Midfield  

Emily really peaked over the summer when she was attending summer camps and since then settled into midfield nicely. She supports the attacks really well and can pick out perfect passes, she has been unlucky not to get a goal this season. Don’t worry it is coming! Well done Em.

Ooh Ah Emily

Ooh Ah Emily

I Say Ohh Ah Emily

Ooh Ah Emily 


Position – Midfield

Rehanna started the season upfront, but soon went into midfield which is her natural position. With the ability to drop back into defence when needed – basically she will play anywhere I ask her. At first she didn’t want to move positions, but she soon got goal hungry and then when had no problems. Rehanna is a key player in midfield and helps gell

Do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do x 3

Rehanna Benjamin!

Her name is Rehanna Benjamin, she wears the famous stripes

I just cant get enough, I just can’t get enough

She scores a goal and the scores go wild!

And I just cant seem to get enough of Rehanna.


Position – Midfield

AKA trouble 2. Eva is a real character adds a little bit of cheek to the group and always got an answer! This is Eva’s first season playing football and she has settled in really well with the girls. Eva slotted in nicely in midfield, and never give s up battling to win the ball! She even scored on her debut friendly!

There’s only one Eva Butler

One Eva Butler

Walking along singing a song

Walking in Charnock wonder land


Position – Midfield / Striker

Leah the silent assassin of the team! Leah’s footballing skills are excellent, I am pleased she hasn’t took on board how Wednesday have played most of this season or it would have been a disaster! She has the most natural ability on the ball, with great vision to pull out the passes or find that space. Leah – if you ever want to watch a proper team play let me know I will make the spare season ticket available I have!

Super super Leah

Super super Leah

Super super Leah

Super Leah Evans


Position – Striker

Lilly is another player who was new to the Charnock Family in the summer, again like all she jelled straight away with all the girls. Lilly is speedy, and has taken the position of striker really well. When Lilly plays she always gives 100% and never any less, she is a natural on the ball and had made and taken good opportunities this season. Bring on the new season!!

Oh hey oh her second name is Pricy

Oh hey oh we got her from Woodhouse West

Oh hey oh she will never give the ball away….


Position – Striker

Megan joined Charnock in the summer, at the same time as Eva straight away like all the new players she jelled and it was like they had always known each other. Megan has great technical ability on the ball, and is able to drive it forward into the danger areas netting ??? goals this season and setting up many opportunities for team mates.

Megan’s on fire

Your defence is terrified

Megan’s on fire

Your defence is terrified

Megan’s on fire

Your defence is terrified


Evie has been training with Charnock for about 6 months now, again like all the new girls this season she has settled in like she has been here since day dot! She picks up all the drills really quickly, always gets stuck in and always listens to what is asked of her! Well done Evie

She is one of our own

One of our own

Evie Ravenhill

She’s one of our own

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