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Charnock Ridgeway Girls U12 2016-17

Manager report:

U12  Girls Managers Report:

This is the first ever Charnock Ridgeway team competing in the SHGCFL, and they are improving every week.

The girls have developed really well in the past 12 months, particularly to say a lot of the team are new to football and 75% of the team are playing against girls a year older than them! Each week the squad has gone from strength to strength. The team has shown great commitment in and out of the club setting; this includes improving their fitness, knowledge of the game, working on skills and bringing the game of football into their lives fully.

The girls started off with a few tough games, our first goal came in the third game of the season. This was followed 3 games later with our first draw, and a further 3 games for our next milestone of a win! It has been a tough season with some heavy defeats. However, the girls have never let their heads drop and always remain positive. All the teams we have played comment on how much the girls have developed and how much tougher they found the game compared to when we played them before! What a way to end the season with a 5-1 win at home well done everyone.

We have already started preparations for next season and are looking forward to seeing the improvements on the field. With the commitment every player shows we have no doubt that we are in for some good friendlies and tournaments in the pre-season window.

The girls have been a credit to the club. They have been a pleasure to coach and between them have not only become team mates but also friends.

We would like to thank all the mums, dads, siblings, grandparents and other relatives for your support and help this season. The season wouldn’t have been possible without you and your assistance setting up and down the home pitch (as well as being a Taxi!). A big thank you to Natalie who has had the job of running the tuck shop. All this has been a great help, which we are very grateful for. Also thank you to all the other parents who have helped.

Thank you,

Charlotte & Rachel


Position - Goalkeeper

School Year - Y6

Best trait on the pitch - Not afraid to get muddy to pull off great saves!

Best trait off the pitch - Always smiling and a great friend to her team mates

Ellie has had a strong first season in goal, always giving 100%! You're turning into a fantastic goalkeeper. Despite playing up a year in the SHGCFL, she has held her own and given some great performances.


Position - Centre Defence (Captain)

School Year - Y6

Best trait on the pitch - Leadership and defensive skill

Best trait off the pitch - Enthusiasm

Rehanna has been an amazing captain this season, not only does she have the ability to motivate and encourage the squad, her confidence and strong character has been infectious. She's a girl of many talents and never fails to make everyone laugh! On the pitch she's a quick, strong defender with the most amazing agility I've ever seen in a grassroots footballer. Thanks for making mine and Charlottes job a whole lot easier this season!


Position - Right Defence

School Year - Y6

Best trait on the pitch - Strong tackle

Best trait off the pitch - Thoughtful nature, Harley is always the first to help anyone

Harley has grown in confidence so much in the last 12 months, which has really transferred onto the pitch. She's a calm and collected defender, with good acceleration to get back when it matters!


Position - Left Defence/Left-Midfield

School Year - Y6

Best trait on the pitch - Pace and refusal to ever lose the ball!

Best trait off the pitch - Good role model to her team mates

Hollie is a battler, she's a great player to have in the squad with amazing speed and endurance what more could you need! Her ball control has come on throughout the season and she's  one of the most committed players to training which has not gone unnoticed.


Position - Right Defence

School Year - Y6

Best trait on the pitch - Strong tackle and an accurate pass

Best trait off the pitch - Ability to encourage and motivate her team mates

Corah is one of the squads most improved players this season, she's worked really hard in training and on match days to develop her knowledge of the game and defensive skills. A player with huge amounts of potential and one to keep an eye on for the future!

Erin V

Position - Defence

School Year - Y7

Best trait on the pitch - Power and strength

Best trait off the pitch - Encouragement and direction she gives to her team mates

Erin is another player who's confidence has grown significantly this season. Her ability to read the game and keep the team in order on match days is impressive. She's developing into a strong member of the defensive unit, and  never lets a player go unmarked!


Position - Centre-Midfield/Striker

School Year - Y6

Best trait on the pitch - Blocking set pieces

Best trait off the pitch - Not afraid to give anything a go!

Maddy is a talented and  versatile player, the only member of the U12 squad to play every position on the pitch this season! Great ball control and ability to read the game which has got her a few well deserved goals this season. Amazing effort - keep it up!

Erin W

Position - Right-Midfield

School Year - Y7

Best trait on the pitch - Speed and confidence to attack

Best trait off the pitch - Not afraid to ask Qs and wants to improve all the time!

Erin started the season with confidence and her love for football is obvious! She's a strong, athletic player with huge amounts of potential. Her effort is hard to match on game day, you often see her all over the pitch trying to win the ball back, no matter what position you play her in! Her attacking skills have improved as the season progressed which deservedly has bagged her a few goals.


Position - Midfield

School Year - Y6

Best trait on the pitch - Ability to shield the ball and hold up play

Best trait off the pitch - Clever, kind and caring nature

Katie has had a challenging season playing against girls almost 2 years older than her (and twice the size!). Despite this she never gives ups, always shakes it off and gets back on the pitch. She has a fantastic attitude, and her knowledge and understanding of drills/tactics is impressive. Always the first to answer a question correctly! Good effort Katie, never give up.


Position - Midfield

School Year - Y6

Best trait on the pitch - Play maker and positioning

Best trait off the pitch - Commitment to improving fitness

Jess has had a tough season facing injuries but never gives up. She's one of the teams most committed players when it comes to training and developing fitness outside of football, and always one of the first to arrive on match day to help set up. She's football crazy, but at least she's a Blade! She's got a keen eye and the ability to pick out some pin point passes. Jess has also helped assist our U6 Nursery sessions this season which Charlotte and I appreciate, thank you Jess.


Position - Striker

School Year - Y6

Best trait on the pitch - Ability to pick out a pass quickly

Best trait off the pitch - Team socialite!

Emily's fundamental football skills have really developed throughout the season, due to her hard work and commitment to training. She's beginning to find her feet on the pitch now, and has supported our attacking unit well towards the end of the season. Technically she has one of the best passes in the squad and with commitment to improving fitness, she will continue to improve as a footballer. Emily has also assisted with the U6s and is an aspiring Sports Coach!


Position - Striker

School Year - Y7

Best trait on the pitch - Quality shot, set pieces, ball control and speed!

Best trait off the pitch - Always looking for ways to improve

Connie is a talented footballer, although at times lacking in confidence and motivation she's had an amazing season and when she's switched on no defenders catching her! The squads top goal scorer this season, and well deserved. An excellent first touch, and a bullet shot. Definitely the making of a top striker. With commitment and dedication I'd like to think Connie could go a long way in the world of Women's Football. Dream big! +

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